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Smarto One is a one stop network for Centres and Students. We are offering many small services to the centres from this route. Centre gets recognised and gets visibility on internet. Hence, centre gets enquiries of those students who asked for admission in their area. Smarto One offers many facilities like student fee record management, fee reminders, fee deposit SMS to students, online examination, certificate generation, other products & services, offers etc. and much more. Smarto One is a necessary service for any institution.

Centres can register at

Students can register at

It has become very difficult for small institutions to survive in the era of digitalization of education.

Every student wants E-Learning platform, and if every student will go for E-Learning who will come to the institutions.

Smarto Systems is also providing E-Learning solutions since 2011 but through the channel of Institutions. We are providing extra income opportunities for institutions if they sell our E-Learning Packages to students. Students can buy our Video Trainings from these institutions, and institutions can get benefit of up to 50% on the sale of this material.

And it’s more helpful for institutions if they teach students from our Video Content in their institute and get the students certified from Smarto Systems. Because this way you can charge any tuition fees from students, and student get the Video Content for free.

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